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located on high ground near the Atlantic coast, Óbidos has had strategic importance in the area. Inhabited before the Romans arrived in the Iberian Peninsula, the city prospered after being chosen by the royal family. King Dinis gave it to his wife, Queen Isabel, in the 13th century, and it became part of Casa das Rainhas (Queens' Estate), which improved and enriched it throughout the various dynasties. This is one of the main reasons for the high concentration of churches in this small place. Within the walls you will find a well-preserved castle and a maze of streets and white houses that you can stroll through. Besides the Manueline colonnades, the colorful flower boxes and the small squares are numerous fine examples of religious and civic architecture from the city's golden age. The streets, shops and restaurants ensure that you can spend a while there. The city wall is well maintained, so you can walk over it.

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