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Rio Maior

Rio Maior Near the Serra dos Candeeiros, Rio Maior was an important mining center for centuries, as the local population was mainly engaged in extracting rock salt from a mine in the Serra. Agriculture is still the main occupation in the region, with large vineyards and orchards characterizing and adorning the landscape. In March, the town comes alive with the Feira das Tasquinhas (Fair of the Taverns), and this is the ideal opportunity to try the different regional flavours.

A visit to the Salinas is definitely worth it. There, salt is still extracted from the salt pans in a traditional way. They say that the best “flor de sal” can be found there. Very interesting to see how the salt is extracted and how the wooden houses with wooden locks, where the workers used to live, are constructed around the salt extraction. These date back to Roman times. There are various “salt” products for sale.

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