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Salir do Porto

Salir do Porto is the first beach you come across when you head north to one of the many beaches. Apart from the beach along the mouth of the river (which is of course smaller at low tide), Salir do Porto has much more to offer. An indoor and outdoor pool, restaurants and a small supermarket, a post office, a train station (where the train from Campo also stops). The dune area south of Salir do Porto is beautiful. You can enjoy walking or exploring the terrain by mountain bike. In 2022, the walkway along the bay will be restored. For example, park at the swimming pool of Salir do Porto and walk along the bay. A good recommendation is to have a drink at one of the many terraces in São Martinho before you walk back.

If you still have energy left when you return over the bridge, you can climb the climbing dune and enjoy the beautiful view. For the brave dodos, it's great fun to slide down the dune with a sled/garbage bag under the buttocks/bucket lid.

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