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is located in the valleys of the rivers Alcoa and Baça, where some say the name comes from. It has also been suggested that it was the Arabic name of the place that was split to name the two rivers.

The Monastery of Alcobaça, with its building modeled on Claraval Abbey, the headquarters of the Cistercian Order in France, is a very beautiful monument and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit to this monastery is definitely worth it.

The cuisine and confectionery are heavily influenced by the local Cistercian monasteries, with the Nunnery of Cos and the Capuchin Monastery at Évora de Alcobaça, along with the Alcobaça Monastery itself. The most famous delicacy is "Pão de Ló" cake. The award-winning bakery “Pastelaria Alcôa” opposite the monastery is also worth a visit if you want to taste the Portuguese sweets. Take cash with you, they are not very fond of foreign debit cards.

Alcobaça is also home to a wine museum with a wine tasting at the end of the tour. Museu do Vinho de Alcobaça The tours usually start every hour.

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